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A dance competition is when a participant pays an entry fee to compete against their dancing peers according to age, dance form and class. These could be solos, duets, trios, small and large groups. The age diversification and entrance fees differ within individual competitions.


Our studio will attend multiple competitions. It is expected that you will compete with your group at all the competitions. Information regarding the competitions we will be attending this year will be sent out in a newsletter and is available below.

REMEMBER - Students are not entered just to win; a competition is just another facet of the ongoing learning experience of dance. The students are entered as an encouragement to perform their best, as well as to have fun. To enter competitions solely bent on winning is a losing game. Adjudicators have personal likes and dislikes which can vary from one to another, each critiquing the same routine quite differently.

Please note:

  • Dancers ages 5 and under do not attend any competitions.


2023 Competition Dates

Mar. 17-19, 2023: Kindersley Konnection Competition

Mar. 28-Apr. 2, 2023: Meet in YXE Saskatoon Competition

Apr. 7-15, 2023: NO CLASSES

Apr. 17-22, 2023: 306 Block Party Saskatoon Competition
(Sr. Dancers Only)

Apr. 21-23, 2023: Humboldt Competition (No Sr. Dancers)

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