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Private Classes

A signup sheet will be posted at the studio at the end of September until Mid-October, where dancers can sign themselves up for private classes (i.e. solos/duets/trios). The dancer needs to be participating in a regular weekly class of the genre of dance they are signing up for, with the exception of Musical Theatre. The choreographers will have the final say and, in some cases, may have a different recommendation.

Classes are scheduled according to the choreographer's availability, and therefore may take place in the daytime during the week and/or on weekends. The choreographer will suggest costuming.

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 © Photograph provided by Reflections by Richard

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 © Photograph provided by Reflections by Richard

It is a privilege to participate in private classes and should be treated as such. Please know that signing up for private classes is a commitment and takes self-discipline. The expectation is that dancers will work to their full potential and come back to each class knowing the choreography, ready to compete. It will be mandatory to attend one of two solo/duet/trio showcases prior to competition. During these showcases that dancers will be assessed. The showcase allows the choreographer to see the progress the dancers have made. This also allows the choreographer to see if the dance is stage ready. At this time, if the dance has not met the choreographer's expectations, the dance will be pulled from the first competition and will need to be assessed before attending the next competition.

Small Groups

Small groups are offered to dancers who participate in exam classes. At the end of September, a list of these names will be posted.  If your dancer is interested in participating, please highlight his/her name. It is at the discretion of Impact Dance Company in which genre the dancer will be placed. Classes take place at the discretion of the choreographer. Classes for these groups will begin in January. A costume rental fee will be charged if necessary. The choreographer will inform each group of costumes.

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