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Impact Dance Company Teachers


Terralea Armstrong

Miss Terralea resides in Humboldt, Saskatchewan with her husband and 3 beautiful children. Terralea started dancing at the age of 3 under the direction of Jacquie Huck. Terralea trained in R.A.D Ballet and C.D.T.A Jazz and Tap at Jacquie’s Dance Academy. Terralea started teaching at the age of 16 and has taught in several small towns around Humboldt and Saskatoon. At the age of 19, Terralea started teaching for Dance Saskatchewan.
Teaching for Dance Saskatchewan opened so many doors for her, such as running auditions for Mini Expressions, auditions for a cultural dance performance, performing in several different shows and co-choreographing a music video for a country-pop artists music video. 
In 2006 Miss Terralea moved back to her home town and started teaching for Jacquie Huck at Jacquie’s Dance Academy.

Terralea mentored under Jacquie for 10 years before Jacquie retired and Miss Terralea and Miss Kylie took over Jacquie’s Dance Academy. Terralea and Kylie have been the co-owners and directors of Impact Dance Company since 2015.


Terralea loves the challenge of helping children reach their own personal goals and limits. Miss Terralea believes that as an instructor she needs to keep her brain working and continuing with her own education. Terralea is C.D.T.A stage Jazz Licentiate, C.D.T.A stage Tap Licentiate, A.D.A (Acro Dance Adjudicator) , A.D.T.A Junior, Zumba Certified, Alixa Flexibility Module 1 certified, Alixa Flexibility Module 2 certified, P.B.T certified (Progressive Ballet Training). Miss Terralea has been awarded several choreography awards for her work throughout the years.


Miss Terralea is extremely passionate about properly training dancers and loves sharing all of her knowledge and watching each child progress. Miss Terralea loves to share her love of dance in a positive and disciplined way.


Kylie Redl-Gosselin

​Kylie started her dance training in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from Diane Raskob owner/instructor of the Diane Will Dance Studio. While training there she received her ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) training in Tap and Jazz. Participating yearly in the ADAPT Syllabus Examinations, she has completed her Advanced Tap and Intermediate Jazz under the supervision of Brian and Faye Foley. While training Kylie attended many competitions in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia receiving many medals and awards. 
Once she graduated Grade 12, she moved to Edmonton, Alberta to train under Shelly Tookey owner/director of Shelly's Dance Company. While there, she attended multiple competitions and workshops. It was while training in Edmonton Kylie found her passion, teaching! She moved back to Saskatchewan and began teaching in rural Saskatchewan and Saskatoon. It was during this time she worked towards her ADAPT Tap and Jazz Teachers Training Certification.

In summer 2003, Kylie graduated from the ADAPT course and continued to train her students and successfully advanced dancers in the ADAPT Examination process. Some of Kylie's students have gone onto a professional dance career; others have followed her example and have become dance teachers as well.


Kylie along with her husband Tyler and three sons, Gage, Carson and Easton moved to Humboldt in 2007 where she began working under the direction of Jacquie Huck at Jacquie's Dance Academy. She was introduced to the C.D.T.A (Canadian Dance Teachers Association) Syllabus and was on her way to completing the course. In 2013, she received her CDTA Stage Tap Membership after taking the Member Examination and completing her exam with a mark of Distinction.

Kylie has been working towards her Acrobatique Certification in AcroDance. She has successfully completed her junior level with 99% and is continuing her training. Kylie also continues her dance education by participating in new and creative dance courses. She has recently completed her adjudicators’ certificate of completion. Kylie is passionate about young children and their dance training, which is why she is also participating in a course for young children in ballet as well and Kinderacro for all the young dancers that she works with at Impact.

With the support of her family, Kylie and her business partner Terralea Armstrong opened up Impact Dance Company in fall of 2015. It is wonderful to see dancers grow from little ones into mature young adults with the skills they receive at Impact Dance Company

"Dancing with your feet is one, but dancing with your heart is another." 


Maria Polimac

Maria started dancing at the age of 5 at Jacquie’s Dance Academy and continued on when Impact Dance Company took over until she graduated. She has successfully completed her primary to advanced exams in tap, jazz and ballet and achieved honours in her advanced tap exam.


Maria has won many awards and scholarships including ‘Dancer of the Year' in 2018, a scholarship to dance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York, a Hollywood Tours scholarship, and she was invited to an award show in Vancouver where she received an award. Maria also had 4 years of experience dancing with Moscow’s Great Russian Nutcracker Ballet.


Maria has assisted alongside Miss Terralea, Miss Kylie and Miss Amber for many years in all genres and recently just completed her first year teaching at Quill Lake School of Dance. In that first year of teaching, her students won a ‘greatest potential award’ as well as an ‘outstanding modern’ award. She is looking forward to sharing my love of dance with everyone. 


Breanna Landry

Breanna started her dance career at the age of four at Jacquie's Dance Academy in Humboldt, SK. Throughout her many years at JDA she gained experience in all genres. 

Breanna was trained by Jacquie Huck and Terralea Armstrong. Breanna is C.D.T.A stage Jazz Licentiate, Zumba Certified, and a certified Barre instructor. 


Breanna taught dance for three years in rural Saskatchewan before taking a year off to further her education. She graduated in 2012 as a Registered Dental Assistant from Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Regina. After being away from the studio, she knew her true passion was to teach. 


Breanna moved back to Humboldt in 2014 and now lives here with her husband Neil and her two children, Gunner and Emerie. She currently teaches at Annaheim School of Dance and Impact Dance Company. Breanna loves to see children have as much passion for dance as she does and enjoy the art.

Amber Hurion

Impact 20874-011 B&WSoft.jpg

Miss Amber began her dance journey at the age of five with Rose Valley School of Dance. She first enrolled in Tap and soon after added Ballet and Jazz to strengthen her technique. While dancing competitively under the instruction of Crystal Anderson-MacLeod for many years in Rose Valley, Amber won multiple awards and dance scholarships that provided travel to Los Angeles and Edmonton School of Ballet. 

In 2008, Amber continued her training at Jacquie’s Dance Academy. Under the direction of Jacquie Huck, she successfully completed her R.A.D Intermediate & R.A.D Grade 8 Ballet exams and both C.D.T.A Advanced Jazz & C.D.T.A Elementary Tap exams, receiving high marks in all. In 2013, she completed her C.D.T.A Stage Tap Licentiate Membership. 

Amber began her teaching career with the Spalding School of Dance at the age of 15. At that time, the club consisted of 18 students. Miss Amber remains the sole instructor at Spalding and has developed a competitive small-town club that has over 60 students. 


Hannah Walton

Hannah started dancing at the age of 5, where her love of dance instantly started. She grew up in Saskatoon, dancing at Kristy’s Dance Fusion. She has studied and competed in many genres of dance, including jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary.

As a student, Hannah competed with Eye Candy Company for 4 years in a row travelling to Phoenix, Seattle, and Las Vegas to compete at the World of Dance competition.


Hannah has continued to train and dance outside of high school. In 2019, she trained and performed with the Riderflo Dance Crew at Saskatchewan Roughrider games in front of large crowds. She is a part of the Saskatchewan Rush dance team now and enjoys being able to perform for an audience. 

Hannah has created many award-winning, competitive routines, showcasing clean technique and fun ideas for which she has received many choreography awards. Her dancers receive high marks and have overall winning routines. She is very much looking forward to sharing her talent through her students and cannot wait to meet all of the families at Impact.

 © Photographs on this page provided by Reflections by Richard

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